Oraichain and DoraHacks Join Forces to Advance AI + Blockchain Adoption

• ChainwireOraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy.
• Over the coming months, initiatives will be undertaken to support the next generation of AI + blockchain innovations.
• This partnership aims to foster innovations in blockchain and AI, leading to co-hosted hackathons and other initiatives.

Partnership between Oraichain and DoraHacks

Oraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy. DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world’s most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform, boasting over 250,000 active users worldwide. Together, both teams aim to foster innovations in blockchain and AI through co-hosted hackathons as well as other initiatives such as leveraging DoraHacks’ resourceful community governance/funding toolkits.

Adoption of Oraichain’s Layer 1 Ecosystem

Oraichain’s IBC-enabled Layer 1 provides a complete infrastructure for an open data economy, providing tools for data scientists to structure data, train, test, and publish models to Oraichain’s AI Oracle while monetizing with maximum transparency and inclusivity. By advancing the adoption of this AI Layer 1 for the data economy through this partnership with DoraHacks, new projects can be supported on the network which will join 80+ major Web3 ecosystems currently using Dora infrastructures successfully fund their open-source communities.

Co-Hosted Hackathons

The core goal of this partnership is to promote Oraichain’s ecosystem, tech stack, and toolkits by leveraging DoraHacks‘ developer community and platform traffic from around the world. This includes virtual or in-person hackathon events as well as workshops or demo sessions aiming at creating a rich experience for all participants involved. In addition, both teams are looking at identifying synergies with other major ecosystems that can further expand Oraichain’s impact within the broader blockchain space. Planning for the first co-hosted hackathon is currently underway with details regarding date/time registration judges prize pool yet to be announced soon.

Objective of Partnership

The objective of this partnership between Oraichain and DoraHacks is ultimately aimed at fostering innovation in blockchain technology by creating an environment where developers can work towards building innovative applications powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). By leveraging each other’s resources such as knowledge base or existing user base they are looking forward towards achieving their common goals while also democratizing access & opportunities within various fields related to technology & innovation within Blockchain space globally


This strategic partnership between two industry giants like ChainwireOraichian & Dorahack will give birth too many new opportunities not only within these two organizations but also globally among developers who will get access too more educational resources & funding options due too them joining forces & mutually agreeing upon certain objectives that they want too achieve together while also giving back too their respective communities in form off different rewards programs & grants

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“Crypto Regulation in Australia Delayed Until 2024: Treasury Documents Reveal”

• Crypto Regulation in Australia is expected to be delayed until 2024.
• Internal documents from the Australian Treasury Department show that consultation papers will be released in Q2 of 2023 and stakeholder roundtables on crypto licensing and custody in Q3.
• Despite the delay, Australians remain bullish about cryptocurrencies as 26% plan to buy them over the next 12 months.

Crypto Regulation Delayed In Australia

Internal documents from the Australian Treasury Department have revealed that cryptocurrency regulation in Australia may not be expected until 2024. The government is taking its time to gather a complete picture of the industry before taking action.

Consultation Papers To Be Released

The documents indicate that consultation papers in regards to cryptocurrency legislation are expected to be released by Q2 of 2023. Following this, stakeholder roundtables on crypto licensing and custody will take place in Q3 of that year, with submissions to cabinet not expected until later on in the year.

Frustration From Industry Players

The delays in implementing a licensing regime has caused much frustration for Australian crypto-related businesses and consumer groups. A brief from Treasurer Jim Chalmers states: “Treasury expects some stakeholders to be disappointed with the perceived delay in implementing a licensing regime”. It adds: “For example, consumer groups seeking immediate protection and businesses seeking regulatory legitimacy”.

Market Conditions Make Delay Justifiable

Despite the unhappiness from industry players, Treasury argues that due to recent market conditions with decreased demand for cryptocurrencies, it can afford more time for hashing out regulations: “Treasury considers these concerns are somewhat mitigated by the current market conditions resulting in less consumer demand for crypto assets; and the need to complete token mapping exercise to provide clarity on how any new licensing framework would operate”.

Australians Remain Bullish About Crypto

The lack of regulation has also led to problems with DIY pension funds where thousands of customers face millions worth of losses due to incorrect investments made into cryptocurrencies. Despite this, Australians remain bullish about digital assets as 26% plan on buying them within 12 months according to The Annual Australian Crypto Survey for 2022

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