LiteFinance Introduces Margin Trading with Lowest Fees & High Leverage!

• LiteFinance has introduced margin trading, allowing users to experience high leverage for a range of digital assets.
• Transactions are executed immediately at the market price due to a vast network of counterparties built on ECN technologies.
• Leverage allows traders to use less of their own funds to open larger positions and take advantage of 1:50 leverage with minimal transaction fees.

LiteFinance Introduces Margin Trading

ChainwireCrypto brokerage platform LiteFinance has introduced margin trading, allowing users to experience high leverage for a range of digital assets. LiteFinance allows traders to experience all the thrills of playing the crypto market within a responsive and user-friendly framework.

Transactions Executed Immediately

Transactions are executed immediately at the market price due to a vast network of counterparties built on ECN technologies. Users can set a take profit and the position will close in profit automatically when the market reaches the specified price level. LiteFinance levies the lowest possible platform fees when trading cryptocurrencies and swaps are significantly lower than those set by crypto exchanges and other brokers.

Take Advantage Of 1:50 Leverage

Leverage allows traders to use less of their own funds to open larger positions. In this case, the potential profit will increase significantly relative to the funds deposited into the account. All transactions are securely protected because LiteFinance has many years of experience and a strong infrastructure that has been developed since 2005. Clients‘ digital assets are stored in separate cold crypto wallets and insured.

Wide Selection Of Digital Assets

The LiteFinance web platform has the widest selection of digital assets among brokers, with over 75 cryptocurrency pairs available. Traders can choose the most popular coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, for short-term trading and make profits.

Secure And Responsive Platform

The ideal platform should be as accessible as possible, highly secure, and come equipped with a range of advanced trading tools With LiteFinance, traders can open sell positions (short trades) in a couple of clicks making it easier for them to plan long-term actions and achieve their trading goals while staying secure with minimal transaction fees

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Unlock Your Inner Superhero with Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official NFTs!

• Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network.
• There are currently 3,291 owners of the collection and it has generated a total volume in 2,708.520 ETH since its launch.
• The value of the NFTs from the Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official collection can depend on various factors like how it is developed and promoted by its creators and community.

What Is Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official?

Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 16 February 2022. 9,578 items of the Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official can be viewed at OpenSea and has reached 3291 owners within 367 days since its release with an average price of 0.22 ETH (~$376.52 at the time of writing). Its market capitalization is 686.78 ETH with a floor price of 0.0712244 and 30-day trading volume kept at 31.90 ETH; WKLAY being its payment token for collections sales .

Why Are Some NFTs Expensive And Others Not?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem so there’s no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining their value yet, but some projects have garnered legitimacy purely because they had first-mover advantage while others have been created out of greed to exploit market growth; these are usually valueless garbage NFTs. Projects that stem from creative space take into account various factors such as improvement based on issues plaguing NFT markets which make them more valuable than others as they understand their worth better in this space .

Is The Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official Collection Over Or Underpriced?

It’s difficult to determine whether NFTs from the Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official collection are overpriced or underpriced due to lack of historical data or precedence but further clarity will come once metaverses develop more actively; pricing also depends on how well it is developed and promoted by its creators/community .

What Is The Total Number Of Owners For The Collection?

The total number of owners for this particular collection has reached 3291 within 367 days since its release .

What Is The Payment Token For Collections Sales?

WKLAY is the payment token used for collections sales of Mutant Kongz & G

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Brave and Solana Partner Up – Access Top DApps on Browser!

• Brave Software has announced a partnership with the Solana blockchain platform, allowing users to access dApps through the browser.
• The partnership was announced on February 7, 2023 and will allow users to directly purchase, send and store Solana-supported tokens in its wallet.
• Millions worth of Solana have been transferred as part of a huge transaction between two unknown wallets.

Brave Software Partners with Solana Platform

Brave Software has recently announced that it is partnering with the Solana platform, allowing users to access top dApps on Solana directly on their browser. This partnership provides users with an optimized user experience for mobile devices and seamless browser-based connections to favorite programs on the network.

Benefits of Partnership

The Brave–Solana Partnership will enable users to purchase, send and store tokens supported by Solana in the Brave wallet. Users can also connect and interact with applications such as Magic Eden, Orca_so and Jupiter Exchange right from their browser app. Head of Partnerships at the Solana foundation Amelia Daly noted that this integration is important because it allows for a better user experience in crypto transactions since it is optimized for mobile devices.

Whale Migration

In addition to announcing its partnership with Brave software, Whale Alert reported that millions worth of SOL had been transferred between two unknown wallets as part of a large transaction. This could help boost the popularity of both Brave and the Solana ecosystem due to its potential investments from whales into both platforms.

Growth Of Web 3.0

The growth of Web 3.0 has seen an increased demand for browsers such as Brave which offer secure and private browsing experiences while also providing support for decentralized applications (dApps). By partnering with Brave software, developers are able to bring more innovative products onto the platform without compromising security or privacy standards set by both companies in order to ensure a safe experience for all users involved in these transactions.


The Brave-Solana Partnership looks set to be beneficial for both sides as it brings additional support for decentralized applications (dApps) onto the platform while also giving developers more freedom when creating new products or services using SOL tokens within their own projects. With millions worth of SOL being transferred between unknown wallets, it appears that there may also be some investment from whales into both platforms which could further increase their popularity amongst users looking for secure yet reliable ways to use cryptocurrencies online or via mobile devices securely.

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Litecoin Jumps 80%, Fueled By Increasing Adoption and Halving Ahead

• Litecoin (LTC) recently saw an impressive 80% rally after the first ten days of November 2022.
• The two major driving forces are its increasing adoption and halving process ahead in 2023.
• Generally, the halving event might positively impact the token’s price.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate low-cost payments between individuals and businesses. It is based on the Bitcoin network and has similar features such as faster transaction times and lower fees than traditional currencies. The cryptocurrency has grown significantly in recent months due to its increasing acceptance by merchants and large holders of the token adding money to it.

Reasons Behind Litecoin’s Bullish Trend

According to Santiment, a crypto analytics firm, the remarkable increase results from two key factors: increasing adoption and halving process ahead in 2023. As more people use it for everyday purchases, such as buying goods online or sending money to others, demand for Litecoin has grown significantly. Additionally, addresses holding the coin have added about 1.15 million tokens over the last seven months which has increased its total supply by 0.5%.

Halving Ahead – Will It Push The Price Further?

A halving is a mechanism used to reduce block reward for miners by half every four years which intends to keep cryptocurrency’s supply in check and maintain its price stability. When it occurs next year at block height 2,520,000 miners will receive only 6.25 LTC per block instead of 12.5 LTC reward currently received; reducing total Litecoin generated to about 84 million coins. Some analysts believe this event could cause further highs in the price of LTC given past performance of similar events on other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Adoption Rate Growing

The growing acceptance of Litecoin by merchants due to low transaction costs and quick transaction times has allowed people all over the world to use it for everyday transactions making it easier for them than other forms of payment such as credit cards or bank transfers thereby increasing demand for it over time; leading to higher prices as seen recently with its 80% rally in early November 2022..

What Does This Mean For Investors?

It seems given current trends that investors can expect further increases for their investments into litecoins if they choose not to cash out now since more adoption, rising demand, large holder contributions all indicate higher prices later down the line when halving takes place again next year . However investors should always do their own research before investing any capital into any digital asset as there is no guarantee that this trend will continue indefinitely

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